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Permanent Makeup in London 

Hairstroke Eyebrows

Powder Brow Technique
Combination Eyebrows
Eyeliner Lower Lids£150
Eyeliner Top Lids£180
Eyeliner Top & Bottom Lids£245
Latino Liner/Bold Top Only£225
Lip Liner£200
Lip Blush£250
Full Lip Colour£300
Beauty Spot£60
Top Up 6-12 Months Existing Clients£100
Top Up 12-18 Months Existing Clients£125
New Client Top Up£175

Prices Include Initial Treatment & Top up after 28 days

A Top up/colour boost is required and included in the treatment price. This is redeemable 28 days after your initial treatment date. It must be redeemed within 90 days. Any colour boosts not redeemed before this time will be forfeit. Top up/Colour boosts after this date will be charged at the rate of £60. Please note that if your colour boost/top up is not taken, the treatment results may be poor and not last as long. 

A third colour boost (Top up) may be required for some clients dependant on Skin Type. Lighter pigments can fade more quickly than darker ones. Your PMU Artist will advise you of this during consultation as you may incur further costs. Patch test is required at least 24hrs before treatment. A patch Test waiver must be signed if this has not been completed. Permanent makeup can NOT be applied if you are Pregnant or become pregnant between treatments. 

 *Eyelove also offer discounts for cancer patients and alopecia sufferers. Please ask for more information about this when you book.